Luke Bryan Continues the Kill the Lights Craziness at Crash My Playa This Week in Mexico

ABC/Image Group LA

When Luke Bryan kicks off his Crash My Playa getaway Thursday, it’ll be a bit of a reunion, as the “Fast” hitmaker gets back together with his tour mates from last year.

While Little Big Town joined him for the Kill the Lights trek, Dustin Lynch was his opening act for both 2015 and 2016.

“It’s been amazing to be out on tour with Luke two years in a row…” Dustin reflects. “We got to tour around, and I got to be in front of millions of new fans, new faces, played the biggest stages in the world, and learned a lot from Luke, and he knows how to do it right!”

The last time Dustin was on stage with both Luke and LBT, he admits it was a little out of control — by design.

“The end of tour prank…” Dustin laughs. “You know, Luke broke his collarbone trying to ride a bike. He’s still trying to learn how to ride a bike, even at his old age…  so I figured it’d be funny if I got on a bike, Little Big Town got on some bikes, and we bandaged up our collarbones. And we… got neck braces and knee braces and the whole deal, and took out riding onstage, all over the place, just kinda goofing with him. It went over pretty good!” he adds.

While Luke and Little Big Town have both accused each other of being the bigger party animals, Dustin can finally settle that argument for good.

“I would say it’s a tie between Jimi [Westbrook], Phillip [Sweet] and Luke. You know what? I take that back,” he adds, changing his mind. “It’s a tie between Philip and Luke. Anytime you see those guys… you try not to make eye contact backstage!”  

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