Luke Bryan Creates Camaraderie on the Road with Dustin Lynch and New Neighbor Randy Houser


Luke Bryan was made to feel very welcome on the road as a new act opening for the likes of Martina McBride and Jason Aldean. Now that he’s a headliner himself, Luke goes out of his way to make sure his own supporting acts feel right at home.

“I feel that it’s essential for the whole makeup and vibe of the tour,” Luke tells ABC Radio. “Any of my people that I tour with, it’s about doing what I can to build them up. People did that for me, and now it’s time I really relish in the opportunity to kinda reciprocate that.”

No matter how big his career may get, Luke still remembers how much work goes into launching a country career. He sees a lot of that same drive in his current supporting acts, Randy Houser and Dustin Lynch, who both come out on stage with Luke for a freewheeling jam session during every show.

Says Luke, “I remember when I was in Dustin’s spot, four or five singles out, and he comes into town he’s got a lot of busy work [to] do,” Luke says. “So, I try to make our stage time really, really fun and special and off-the-cuff.”

As for his friendship with Randy, Luke sees the two of them staying close even after the Kick the Dust Up tour closes this fall.

Luke tells us, “Randy Houser just bought a house kind of close to me. So, he’s kinda my neighbor now.”

On the music front, Luke just released his brand-new album, Kill the Lights. It’s on track to debut at #1 on the overall Billboard 200 Albums chart.

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