Luke Bryan Depends on His Wife, Caroline, to Keep His Professional and Personal Lives Together


Luke Bryan‘s professional life is a roller coaster these days as he headlines his Kick the Dust Up tour and prepares to release his new album, Kill the Lights, on August 7. On the personal side, Luke manages to make time for his sons, Bo and Tate, and his nephew, Til, who is now living with Luke and his wife, Caroline. Luke and Caroline’s marriage is going strong, but Luke doesn’t take their relationship for granted.

He says, “Well, it’s something that you never can focus on enough. Somehow, thank the Lord, Caroline and I navigate it. I would not say it is an easy thing.”

Luke stresses that he and Caroline work hard to stay on the same page when it comes to coordinating Luke’s concerts and other commitments with their family activities. One of the perks of being a country star is Luke can afford to take a plane home in between shows.

Says Luke, “There’s even been a couple times that I flew home through the night to be at one of Bo’s baseball games early that morning. You just manage it.”

With Luke’s career on overdrive, he really counts on Caroline to help him keep all those spinning plates in the air.

“I guess I’ve promised her going on 12 years now that it was gonna slow down, and I don’t think she really, she don’t really count on that anymore,” Luke says. “She just smiles, and she’s always there for me. So, we figure it out.”

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