Luke Bryan Enjoying Watching His Nephew, Til, Grow as a Young Man

Joseph Llanes

Luke Bryan calls his nephew, Til, an “amazing young man to have in the house.” The teenager came to live with Luke’s family late last year following the death of Til’s parents, Luke’s sister and her husband, over an eight-year period.

Luke tells the San Jose Mercury News, “You don’t get a manual on the way the cards have been dealt. We are just excited watching [Til] grow as a young man and putting a lot of amazing opportunities in his path and seeing which way he takes them.”

Til’s two older sisters are with Luke and the family quite a bit, too. That’s proving to be a challenge since Luke and his wife, Caroline, have only raised boys up until now.

The country superstar adds, “I’ve never had to be an influence on girls, so I’m trying to figure that whole world out, too.”

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