Luke Bryan Having Fun Promoting “Kill the Lights” in New York as His Boys Head Back to School

Ida Mae Astute/ABC

Luke Bryan is having a blast while promoting his new album, Kill the Lights.

ABC Radio caught up with Luke after his Friday performance on ABC’s Good Morning America to ask him about the unique LukeBox promotion he did via Twitter on Thursday. Luke and three of his songwriter buddies came up with original songs on the fly using topics from fans submitted through social media. Famous friends like Little Big Town and Lionel Richie got in on the action, but most of the songs were written for everyday fans like @KindaCraftyMom. She requested a song about rainbows, sparkly unicorns, car keys and bacon for her kids. Luke was happy to fulfill her request.

The LukeBox promotion was designed to let fans know about the Target-exclusive deluxe version of Kill the Lights, featuring three bonus tracks. Even though it all looked like a lot of fun, Luke and his songwriters put a lot of pressure on themselves to make the songs decent. He tells ABC Radio, “What’s funny, you know, [is] how critical we were of ourselves, because this stuff will live out there forever. So, it was daunting. You wanted it to be good enough to live out there forever. You just didn’t want to sing something completely off the wall.”

Overall, Luke is feeling relaxed as he unleashes his new music on the world. “You have a lot of anxiety with every album,” Luke explains. “And this album, I’m just really comfortable and confident and loving the songs and ready for the fans to finally get it.”

As Luke was performing on Good Morning America, his son, Bo, was headed out for his first day in first grade back in Nashville. Luke tells us, “It’s kinda crazy how early it starts. He enjoys school. He’s not, like, the scholar of the class, but he enjoys going and seeing his buddies.”

Luke’s nephew, Til, who came to live with the family last December when his father passed away, is headed back to school, too. The boys are enjoying some extracurricular activities as well.

Says Luke, “Til is all up in football right now, and Bo’s starting football. So, we’re having fun.”

Kill the Lights features Luke’s latest #1 hit, “Kick the Dust Up,” as well as his sexy new single, “Strip It Down.”

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