Luke Bryan Says He’ll Slow Down Some Aspects of His Career to Spend More Time with Family


Luke Bryan plans to keep touring and making albums for as long as he can, but he admits he’ll have to pull back on some aspects of his career in order to be there for his family. It’s not that Luke is planning to announce some dramatic retirement, but he doesn’t want to miss out on his sons’ lives just because he’s touring.

Luke tells Rolling Stone, “I may announce a noticeable slowdown of certain aspects of my career that will simply be derived from ‘I can’t keep missing [my sons’] football games.’ You can’t keep asking other people to deal with what Daddy does. . . . I can’t be that selfish, where ‘I’m going here, you’re coming with me or you won’t see me.’ That’s not going to work.”

In fact, Luke only got to see one of his son Bo‘s football games this year, and it took a lot of time on the road just to pull that off.

“[He] had a football game on a Saturday morning and I played Phillips Arena in [Atlanta] on Friday and Saturday,” Luke explains. “Midway Friday, I was like, “If I don’t leave Friday night and take the bus to Nashville and see Bo’s football game, I won’t see one this year.”

Luke ended up watching the game in Nashville and then headed straight to Atlanta to play that second show.

Luke continues his Kick the Dust Up tour this weekend with two shows in Philadelphia.

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