Luke Bryan Sees His Life Story on Display at Country Music Hall of Fame Exhibit Opening

Jason Davis/Getty Images for CMHOF

Luke Bryan is the subject of a major new exhibit opening Friday at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville. It’s called Luke Bryan: Dirt Road Diary, and fans will see the story of the country superstar’s entire life starting with his childhood in Georgia. Luke’s elementary school backpack and kindergarten graduation diploma are on display, along with the first guitar he ever got at age 14. Seeing all those items on display at the private exhibit preview Wednesday night was a big deal for Luke.

He says, “That’s the thing. How did this guitar make it from leaned up against my bed when I was 14 and 15, how did it make it to the Hall of Fame? So, it’s pretty crazy to think about.”

Other items on display in Luke’s exhibit include his ACM and CMA Entertainer of the Year trophies, as well as the outfits he’s worn at those awards shows over the years. Luke’s love of hunting and fishing is represented by some of his fishing tackles and the trophies he’s won for hunting deer over the years, too.

Luke brought his wife, Caroline, as well as his nephew, Til, and his mom and dad along to see the exhibit with him for the very first time Wednesday at the private preview event.. The experience reminded Luke of going to the Hall of Fame with his father when he first moved to Nashville in 2001.

“I think at one point Garth [Brooks] was in there doing a real neat audio/video piece where he described stuff — me and my dad sitting there watching it,” Luke recalls.

To this day, Luke thinks a trip to the Country Music Hall of Fame is essential for any trip to Music City.

He adds, “You’re showing friends around, you got to take ’em to the Opry and you gotta take ’em by the Hall of Fame. So yeah, I’ve come in here quite a bit.”

Luke’s Dirt Road Diary exhibit is on display at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville through November 8.

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