Luke Bryan Struggles to Keep His Gillette Stadium Bookings as He Roots for the “Dirty Birds”

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As Luke Bryan prepares to sing the national anthem at this Sunday’s big game, the native of the Peach State points out there’s not a whole lot of mystery surrounding whether he’s rooting for the Atlanta Falcons or the New England Patriots.

“In most years, I can kinda be pretty neutral on who’s gonna win the Super Bowl,” he admits. “But I grew up in Georgia, so I’ve definitely got to pull for my Falcons, my dirty birds,” he laughs.

Add to that the fact that Luke says his dad is one of the biggest Falcons fans he’s ever met.

“As a kid, every Sunday you know, he’s sitting in his La-Z-Boy chair and the Falcons [are] on,” he remembers.

It’s a family tradition Luke carried on, even when he went off to school.  

“When we beat Minnesota to go to our first Super Bowl, I was in college at Georgia Southern,” he recalls. “As you know, we were partying at college, but it was a big moment for us to be from Georgia.”

Still, the “Fast” hitmaker does have an affinity for the New England Patriots’ owner and the venue that’s the team’s home.

“I’ve headlined Gillette Stadium a couple of times, and have met the Krafts quite a bit, so… it still hurts that I may never get to headline Gillette again if I say too much about me pulling for the Falcons,” he jokes, “but I’ve got to go with the home state and the home team!”

Look for Luke to sing “The Star Spangled Banner” sometime around 6:30 p.m. ET on Sunday, as Super Bowl LI kicks off on Fox.

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