Luke Combs is back in the studio in January, with sophomore album due “later on next year”

ABC/Image Group LA

Luke Combs initially considered releasing the first single from his highly anticipated sophomore album as the follow-up to his four-week #1, “She Got the Best of Me” — but realized it wasn’t the right move for him.

“‘Do we do one more from the Deluxe or do we move on and start the process of record two?'” he says he asked himself. “I think putting out a new song from a new project would be a little early for me, because I don’t think the record will be until later on next year.”

Ultimately, the North Carolina native decided to put out the fan favorite “Beautiful Crazy” as the fifth single from his debut album, which will give him a little more time to work on album number two.

“I recorded twenty songs in January of this past year,” Luke tells ABC Radio. “I’m looking to do about ten to fifteen more this January. So I have about twenty to twenty-five songs to kinda choose from for the next album.”

“And I’m looking forward to that process,” he continues, “especially getting back in the studio. I’ve written a lot of stuff since we recorded this past year, so I’m pumped about it. There’s a lot of good songs. It’s gonna be a really tough decision-making process, but an exciting one too.”

When it comes time to decide what goes on the album, Luke says it’s typically a fairly democratic process.

“There’s a few that I will kind of… do the executive order on, that have to be on there,” he admits. “But overall, 99.9 percent of the stuff on there will be stuff that I feel like the fans and my team really believe in.”

He teases, “I like to run some stuff by the fans, but I also like to keep a couple tricks up my sleeve too.”

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