Maddie & Tae Celebrate “Start Here” Album Release with Acoustic Concert in Nashville

Getty Images for Dot Records

Maddie & Tae debuted their new album, Start Here, with an acoustic concert in Nashville Tuesday night. The invitation-only affair was held at The Cordelle home in downtown Nashville, and the chubby, overall-wearing star of the duo’s “Girl in a Country Song” video greeted guests at the front door.

Maddie & Tae’s Tae Dye says of the debut project, “We have been writing this album since we were fifteen years old so you will hear our stories and about our lives from the past five years.”

During their Tuesday night performance, Maddie & Tae welcomed their hero, Lee Ann Womack, to the stage for a collaboration on her 1998 hit, “A Little Past Little Rock.” Maddie & Tae’s record label then surprised them at the end of their set with a platinum plaque for their debut hit, “Girl in a Country Song.”

Start Here goes on sale August 28 featuring “Girl in a Country Song” as well as Maddie & Tae’s latest hit, “Fly.”

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