Maddie & Tae Credit Their Supportive Families for Encouraging Them to Chase Their Dreams

Dot Records

Maddie & Tae are following up their #1 debut hit, “Girl in a Country Song,” with the inspirational single, “Fly.” The song reminds the duo’s Tae Dye of her family’s belief in her dream of being a country singer. Both Tae and her duo partner, Maddie Marlowe, are blessed with very supportive parents.

Tae says, “Thankfully, we were both raised in homes where no dream was too big, or unrealistic, and if you wanted something you could go get it, you’d just have to chase it and not give up.”

That kind of supported helped Maddie & Tae earn their first big hit before either of them turned 20.  “We did it,” Tae says, “and so we just, we have our families and God to thank for that.”

“Fly” is currently in the top 15 and climbing at country radio. Maddie & Tae’s debut album, Start Here, will be released August 28.

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