Maddie & Tae Say Their Tour Mate Dierks Bentley Could Be a “Magic Mike” Cast Member

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Dierks Bentley has already been named “The Hottest Guy in Country Music” this year by People magazine, but his opening act Maddie & Tae think Dierks is hot enough to star in a summer blockbuster. During a recent show in Tampa, Florida, Dierks took his shirt off to reveal his perfectly toned body, and a fan posted a picture of the action on Instagram.


Hate it when I lose my shirt. Know what I mean Dierks? #noshirt #noproblem #dierksbentley

A photo posted by Ryan Fox (@ryanfoxnow) on Jul 7, 2015 at 4:59pm PDT


The duo’s Tae Dye tells ABC Radio they didn’t know Dierks had gone shirtless until they saw the photo online. She says, “He looks like he should be on Magic Mike. I decided that. He’s a new member.”

Maddie & Tae’s Maddie Marlow has also been checking out their other tour mate, Kip Moore, who keeps an intense diet and workout regimen going all the time.

“His arms are ridiculous,” she says. “We have lunch with Kip a lot. We just happen to, like, eat at the same time. And I sit there and I have, like, four cookies on my plate with fried chicken and mashed potatoes, and he has black bean burgers and, like, boring stuff like that.”

Maddie goes on to say she likes her cookies too much to get on a strict diet like Kip’s, but she does make a point to jog regularly.

Maddie explains, “I will say running helps a lot with your endurance on stage ’cause you get out of breath, and you’re running around and trying to entertain but not faint. So, running has helped, but I ain’t doing more than that.”

Maddie & Tae are currently climbing the country chart with their latest hit, “Fly.” Their debut album, Start Here, is out Friday, August 28.

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