Maddie & Tae’s Debut Out 8/28, Cover Shoot “Like a Slumber Party”

Image Courtesy Dot Records

Maddie & Tae’s debut CD Start Here is set for release on August 28, and the two say the cover shoot kept with the attitude you’d expect from the duo who took “Girl in a Country Song” to #1.

“We’re not those girls who want to spend a lot of time getting our hair done… We’d rather be out on a four-wheeler, playing guitar or just hanging out, having fun,” Tae confesses. “That’s what the songs are made of. We thought the pictures should look like that, too– and it’s harder and easier than you’d think.”

The cover was shot by California-based photographer Allister Ann, known for her work with the Civil Wars. Maddie & Tae did their own make-up, “threw some clothes in a duffle bag and took off.”

“It was like a slumber party– except we were moving all day,” Maddie recalls. “We went to an ice cream stand, got out a friend’s old Bronco, just whatever struck us. You can see it in the pictures. Suddenly, there were shots where it really looked like us, and it was super-fun and awesome and just the best day!”

In addition to their chart-topping debut single, Start Here includes Maddie & Tae’s current hit, “Fly,” plus nine more songs.

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