Maren Morris joins JP Saxe for dreamy collaboration, “Line by Line”

Maren Morris and JP Saxe‘s love is infinite in their new song, “Line by Line.”

The collaboration between the country star and Canadian pop singer serves as a smooth, modern love song wherein the two trade smoky harmonies. Maren flexes her pop vocals more than ever before as she and JP try to find the right words to describe the people they love.

The singers admit that the bond they share with their partners is so grand it can’t be compressed into a love song that’s four chords and three minutes. “So I just take you line by line/I’ll be writing about you for the rest of my life,” they sing.

The video finds the pair meeting in various natural landscapes, ranging from a botanical-filled room to sitting in a jeep watching a meteor shower, with Maren catching a star in her hand that opens up to the galaxy.

“With JP & I both in relationships with other songwriters, you can imagine how no emotional stone is ever left unturned with our partners. That is gloriously frustrating & inspiring,” Maren explains of the song’s inspiration in an Instagram post, with a nod to her husband and fellow songwriter, Ryan Hurd. “To our muses: We’ll be writing about you for the rest of our lives.”

“Line by Line” arrives as Maren is working on a new album. It follows her multi-week, cross-genre number one, “The Bones.” She also had a massive pop hit on her hands with Zedd and Grey with the 2018 smash, “The Middle.”

By Cillea Houghton
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