Martina McBride Looks Forward to a Classic Christmas at Home

ABC/Image Group LA

You may not have four CMA Female Vocalist trophies on your metaphorical mantle like Martina McBride, but chances are, you’ll still be spending Christmas Day in much the same way she is — with family. The mother of three will be holed up in Music City with her husband John and her three daughters — Delaney, Emma and Ava. She says it’s what they always do, even though it’s changed a little since her girls are growing up.

“We still all get together on Christmas morning and spend all day together, even though Delaney is, she will be 21 this Christmas. We still celebrate pretty much the same way, I mean the girls help me cook now,” she interjects. “We just really spend the whole day just kind of hibernating together.”

The first order of the day? See what’s under the tree, and then eat!

“You know, we get up and open presents in the morning and then have a big breakfast. And then some of us go back to bed and some of us go read our new books or look at whatever we do and we kinda reconvene in the afternoon. I start cooking dinner and we’re all just in the kitchen and there’s a fire. It’s just really one of my favorite days of the year obviously,” she muses.

Martina says she hopes to capture some of that Christmas cheer and share it with fans next year, in the form of a new Christmas record. This December, she’s also been busy working on her debut album for Nash Icon Records, with the lead single expected in early 2016.

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