Meanwhile back at our Bahamian vacation home: Tim & Faith dish for “Architectural Digest”

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You wouldn’t be surprised to see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill on the cover of People or Billboard, but this summer, they’ll show up in a more unexpected place.

The celebrity-super-couple will be featured on the cover of an upcoming issue of Architectural Digest, showing off their vacation home in the Bahamas: one that just happens to be located on a 17-acre private island.

In a teaser video, Tim and Faith bring the focus back to more mundane concerns, giving AD a glimpse into their everyday lives. While they both agree they’d each like to do away with the other’s cellphone, Faith paints Tim as a typical male who misses the hamper and loves his La-Z-Boy.

The Louisiana native, on the other hand, shies away from criticizing his Mississippi bride.

“I love her,” Tim says. “She just brightens every room she walks into, especially mine.”

He does miss the mark a bit, though, when asked about the key to a happy marriage.

“Just say ‘Yes ma’am’ a lot,” he grins.  Faith counters, “[It’s] not saying yes all the time.”

The Soul2Soul tour partners agree it’s Faith who has the most talent when it comes to design.

“You like a lot of light and you like things to be really clean and neat,” Tim says, describing her style.

“You will be rewarded for that answer,” Faith laughs.

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