Michael Ray Encourages Guys to Go Beyond the Lyrics of His Debut Hit, “Kiss You in the Morning”

Warner Music Nashville

Michael Ray is on track to score a #1 hit with his debut single, “Kiss You in the Morning.” On first listen, the song seems to be about a guy trying to get to know a girl on a first date, but Michael says the song applies to couples that have been together for awhile, too.

He tells ABC Radio, “Maybe it’s just that rekindling of a long relationship that maybe you go, ‘Hey, let’s go back to how we used to be, have a wild night.'”

No matter how long you may have known the girl, Michael encourages all guys out there to open up and pursue that romantic connection.

“If it’s a good time, there’s no reason to end it,” Michael explains. “You know, don’t be that dude that just does a one-night thing. Keep it going. See what’s gonna happen.”

“Kiss You in the Morning” is the lead single from Michael Ray’s self-titled debut album, due out this Friday.

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