Michael Ray Fills in the Blank About What Happens Overnight in “Kiss Me in the Morning”

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Country newcomer Michael Ray‘s debut hit, “Kiss You in the Morning,” leaves a lot to the imagination between the last two lines of the chorus — “I wanna kiss you with the neon light in your eyes glowing/Then I wanna kiss you in the morning.” While it’s obvious where this romantic night is leading, Michael thinks there’s at least one stop before the couple in the song heads home.

“There was a 3 a.m. Waffle House visit for sure,” Michael tells ABC Radio. “That’s the time where you’re recapping the night, you know, and you’re rethinking. The lights are on, you’re sobering up a little bit, and you’re going, ‘OK, we’re good. Everybody still agrees with this.'”

Of course, a trip to the Waffle House isn’t complete without spending some money on the jukebox. So, which songs would Michael play to set the right mood for the night?

He says, “I would always start with some classic Keith Whitley, some good, good classic country songs.”

Besides “Kiss You in the Morning,” Michael says he would definitely play John Legend‘s romantic hit, “All of Me.”

“[‘All of Me’] is what you probably asked her to dance to,” Michael says. “You know, ‘All of Me’ is great. John Legend has really helped a lot of us out.”

“Kiss You in the Morning” is the lead single from Michael Ray’s self-titled album, out Friday, August 7.

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