Michael Ray Says It’s “Crazy” to Hear “Kiss You in the Morning” on the Radio Everywhere He Goes

Warner Music Nashville

Country newcomer Michael Ray literally has heard his debut single, “Kiss You in the Morning,” become a nationwide hit in the past few weeks. While on the road, Michael and his band always tune in to the local country station in whatever town they’re playing that night. That means they’re hearing the song on the radio just about every hour now that it’s a top-five hit.

“A few times we’ve turn it on, like, right in the middle of, like, ‘Kiss You in the Morning.’ I’m going, ‘This is nuts,'” Michael says. “You know, this never gets real.”

The Florida native adds, “That’s not normal for me to be listening to myself [on the radio] in Oregon.”

While Michael and his team always believed in “Kiss You in the Morning” as the song to kick off his career, he thinks it’s “crazy” how fast the song has risen on the charts.

Says Michael, “For it to be going like this was just something I don’t think anybody was really expecting.”

“Kiss You in the Morning” is the lead single from Michael Ray’s self-titled debut album, due out Friday, August 7.

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