Michael Ray Says Real Men Love Grandma’s Dump Cake

ABC/Fred Lee

Michael Ray’s latest single may be “Real Men Love Jesus,” but with his family at Thanksgiving, he says real men love grandma’s calorie-laden desserts.

“My grandmother makes this thing called a Dump Cake and it’s like super bad for you. There’s no healthiness in the whole thing,” he asserts. But the “Kiss You in the Morning” chart-topper says the treat is so tasty, it inspires a little competition.

“It like causes almost a family feud every holiday… It’s so good… It’s like chocolate cake and chocolate pudding and Cool Whip, I guess it is, and crushed up Heath bars, and it’s layered like that for four layers, so we try to sneak it before everybody else gets it,” Ray confesses.

After enjoying some Turkey Day Dump Cake, Michael continues the Wild Ones Tour with Kip Moore Friday night at the House of Blues in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

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