Miranda Lambert Rose to the Challenge of Writing Songs for New Movie, “Hot Pursuit”

Image Courtesy Sony Music Nashville

Miranda Lambert wrote the new song, “Two of a Crime,” specifically for the new Reese WitherspoonSofia Vergara comedy, Hot Pursuit. After seeing the trailer for the film, Miranda got to work on the song, which was a bit of a change for her.

She explains, “When you’re a songwriter, you write your own story, but to write for a movie, you sort of have to go and dive into the characters, ’cause they already have a story. So, it was a really unique experience as a songwriter.”

It helped that the story and setting of Hot Pursuit were right up Miranda’s alley.

“It was a Thelma and Louise theme and it was filmed in Texas,” Miranda explains.

Even though writing “Two of a Crime” was a different experience for Miranda, it won’t be the last song she writes for a movie.

She adds, “I’m proud of it, and I’ll definitely do it again.”

“Two of a Crime” is now available for download at iTunes. Hot Pursuit hits theaters Friday.

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