“Monster Trucks” “Freak” Hunter Hayes Finds Inspiration on the Big Screen

ABC/Image Group LA

If you check out the new Monster Trucks movie that opens in theaters today, you’ll discover a new Hunter Hayes song he wrote especially for the film. It turns out monster trucks are something Hunter’s been interested in for quite a while. 

“When I was a kid I was a massive [fan] — and still am, if I’m honest…” he admits. “I like wanted to do monster trucks on the side of music or something. Seriously — massive fan, like would go to the parties before the thing and meet the drivers and get their signatures. Oh, I was a freak!”

The Louisiana native confesses he’s still having a hard time containing his excitement as an adult.

“I feel really bad because I interrupted all my family when I was visiting for Christmas,” he recalls, “because the trailer came on the screen and I was like, ‘That’s the scene I wrote for!’… It’s the… discovery of kind of what’s possible, the moment in the movie where it’s kind of all is realized and it’s like the whole world opens up.”

Though the movie may be targeted toward a younger audience, Hunter says it bears a message even adults will appreciate.  

“For me, the message is — the chorus says, ‘Every mile, every inch of this ground, and every dream, run it down, cause it’s waiting for you,’ right? And it’s kind of the whole world is there for the taking, you know? Dream big, explore, see it all, do it all, do not be afraid kind of thing. And that’s what ‘All for You’ means to me and I hope that whoever hears it can kinda take their own meaning from it,” he says.

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