Morgan Wallen’s ‘Dangerous’ turns “a little bit of trouble” into some “lessons I’ve learned”

Big Loud Records – Morgan Wallen‘s mammoth, 30-track sophomore album, Dangerous, officially arrives in full today, after some of the cuts were leaked just days ago.

The “7 Summers” hitmaker confesses he originally thought his vision of making a double album might only be a “pipe dream.”

“I personally didn’t think it was gonna be possible just because I was scheduled to do a lot of touring…” he reveals. “But when everything happened the way it did, I thought, well, maybe this might be possible.”

“Then fortunately, I was able to write four or five songs really at the beginning of quarantine,” he continues, “kinda just right off the bat, which got us to a number of about twenty-five that made me feel confident that it would actually be something that we can do.”

Morgan’s May arrest for public intoxication and disorderly conduct in downtown Nashville may also be due some thanks for the album’s title track.

“I wrote that song after I got into a little bit of trouble,” he admits. “You know, we added a love interest story into the song just to make it hopefully relatable to a larger amount of people.”

“But it’s honestly a song that I wrote to myself a couple weeks later,” he says. “I feel like I learned some things, and I wanted to write it to myself, like a letter almost.”

Now, Morgan seems to see “Dangerous” as a beacon pointing in a better direction.

“It just seemed like, ‘What a better way to describe the album, too, as lessons I’ve learned and things that I wanted myself to know?'” he reflects. “So it felt just appropriate to entitle the whole project that.”

You can also pick up an exclusive Target version of Dangerous that adds two more tracks to the album.

By Stephen Hubbard
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