Move over Dan, here comes Tyminski: Get ready for the mysterious “Southern Gothic”

Mercury Nashville

Chances are, you likely know Dan Tyminski as either one of the main ingredients in Alison Krauss and Union Station or as the singing voice of George Clooney in the film O Brother, Where Are Thou?.

Now, known simply as Tyminski, the guitarist is stepping out front and center with a striking, un-classifiable concept album called Southern Gothic.  The 13-track record has as much in common with his 2014 international pop hit with DJ/producer Avicii, as it does with the acoustic music that’s helped him grab 14 Grammys. 

Last month, Mercury Nashville premiered the project during a super-secret evening at the event space Ruby in Music City. Invitations revealed neither the artist nor the reason for the gathering.

Guests entered as random news and pop-culture images were projected onto the walls, in a large room decked out with moss, hanging lanterns and antiques that could’ve come from the set of HBO’s True Blood. Eventually, the footage morphed into a series of dark, moody concept videos accompanied by Tyminski’s new music, with only sporadic appearances by the man who co-wrote all 13 songs on the album.

Tyminski explains his motivation:  “I feel that the light and dark in this record are truly my journey, my personal journey in life. I think we all feel that whisper from each side of your shoulder, someone saying ‘Yeah, do it” or “Don’t do it’… I don’t make quick decisions because light and dark, in my opinion, can often look very similar.”

You can get a brief sample of the new music in a clip Tyminski shared on Twitter last month. Here’s the complete track listing for Southern Gothic, which comes out October 20:    

“Southern Gothic”
“Breathing Fire”
“Temporary Love”
“Perfect Poison”
“Devil Is Downtown”
“Hollow Hallelujah”
“Good for Your Soul”
“Wailing Wall”
“Haunted Heart”

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