Naomi Judd Reveals She and Daughter Wynonna Are “a Little Estranged,” as She Opens Up About Her Own Severe Depression

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Fans and even Entertainer of the Year Garth Brooks noticed the absence of nine-time CMA winners The Judds at last month’s 50th anniversary awards show.  In a new interview with ABC’s Robin RobertsNaomi Judd opened up about some of the likely reasons the country legends weren’t able to be there for the celebration.

While discussing her own ongoing battles with anxiety and severe depression, Naomi revealed that she and daughter Wynonna are “a little estranged from each other.”

She went on to explain, “From the day I knew she existed, it was the two of us against the world. And then through the decades we kind of grew up together, ‘cause it was really just the two of us. And I’m always tellin’ her, ‘If I’d know better, I would have done better.’” 

Naomi says her relationship with daughter Ashley Judd is a bit better, recalling how at her worst times, she’d often walk the mile from her house to the actresses’ for a hug, to help make her feel better.

You can read more about Naomi’s struggles in her new book, River of Time:  My Descent into Depression and How I Emerged with Hope, which is out now.

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