“Nashville” Recap: “Baby Come Home”


On Wednesday night’s NashvilleRayna Jaymes was prepared to move heaven and earth to get her daughter Maddie to drop her fight to become an emancipated minor. When her attempts to get through to the teen’s friend Cash failed, she managed to sneak up on Maddie and have a heart-to-heart talk — but her eldest daughter remained unconvinced. Meanwhile, younger sister Daphne worried her big sister wouldn’t make it for a planned performance at the Opry.

Juliette Barnes relished her time on the Luke Wheeler tour, taking advantage of the chance to get closer to her ex, Avery Barkley, and her baby Cadence. But while Juliette pleaded with him to give her another chance, Avery was growing ever closer to his new employer Layla Grant, even sharing a kiss at one point.

Meanwhile, Luke himself was busy making amends for having dropped Will Lexington from his label when he found out he’s gay, taking the re-signed singer on Good Morning America to chastise country radio for not playing his records because of his sexuality. While he agreed the exposure would be good for Will’s career, Luke’s manager feared it would hurt his.

A non-working elevator proved to be the catalyst to finally get Scarlett O’Connor and Gunnar Scott to rediscover their true feelings for each other. The two passed the time by reminiscing over first meetings and singing old songs, and by episode’s end, it appeared The Exes might not be exes anymore.

Maddie thrilled Daphne by showing up to sing with her sister on the Opry, assuring her that cutting ties with her parents didn’t mean she was abandoning her sibling and musical partner. While the performance led Rayna to believe that all was forgiven, Maddie assured her mother it most certainly was not.

The drama of Nashville continues next Wednesday night at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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