“Nashville” recap: “Back in the Saddle Again”


On the mid-season premiere of Nashville on CMT, devastated by scathing reviews for her gospel album, Juliette Barnes threw herself into helping Maddie Jaymes with her burgeoning career. Though the two initially butted heads over the approach to a song, Rayna Jaymes’ teenage daughter eventually acquiesced to Juliette’s way of thinking.

Deacon Claybourne struggled to run Highway 65, while at the same time trying to help Daphne Conrad, who was floundering after her mother’s death. Rayna’s youngest child rebelled against her stepdad’s efforts, skipping school, making failing grades and falling in with a potentially troublesome group of homeless teens.

Meanwhile, Will Lexington was apprehensive about new love interest Zach Welles attending his concert, until an offhand comment from Zach solidified their relationship as boyfriends.

A pregnant Scarlett O’Connor continued to perform with Gunnar Scott, as she avoided calls from video director Damien George. Deciding to confront the unknown paternity of her baby, Scarlett took a DNA test. Even though it revealed he’s not the father, Gunnar once again proclaimed his love for Scarlett and pleaded to restart their relationship.

Find out what happens next on Nashville, Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET on CMT.

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