“Nashville” Recap: “Before You Go Make Sure You Know”


Nashville wrapped up its third season with Deacon Claybourne‘s life hanging in the balance. He didn’t actually tie the knot with his love, Rayna Jaymes, before he received a new liver, but they did recite wedding vows pledging to get married when he recovers from surgery.

Deacon had nightmares throughout the episode he wouldn’t survive the transplant, and it looked like he was flat lining in the operating room. The doctor came out to tell Rayna he had some bad news about the surgery, but we won’t find out what that news is until next season.

Juliette Barnes’ post-partum depression continued as she lashed out at everyone in her path.  When her husband, Avery, called her out on ignoring her child in favor of the recording studio, things turned ugly. She ended up throwing a glass snow globe at Avery and the baby, but it missed them and broke against the wall.

Avery ended up leaving with the baby when it became clear Juliette was not going to take time off to get psychiatric help. Instead, she is signing up with Luke Wheeler‘s record label and tour in a manic effort to get her singing career back on course.

Closeted country star Will Lexington convinced his boyfriend, Kevin Bicks, to deny their relationship at a press conference. Intimate photographs of the couple hit the National Enquirer and threatened to derail Will’s career. After seeing how sad Kevin was to deny their relationship, Will ended up coming out at the press conference. After that revelation, Will was able to tell Kevin he loved him for the first time.

On-again, off-again couple Scarlett and Gunnar are pursuing new relationships right now, but they came back together to write a song for Deacon. They ended up close to kissing after singing the song together, and that moment has been coming ever since the two of them sang “Longer” on stage together earlier this season. Sam Palladio, who plays Gunnar, thinks that performance served as a nod to the musical spark his character shared with Scarlett in season one.

Sam says, “It’s this sort of haunting, dark love song, that actually Gunnar springs on Scarlett in the midst of a show, which obviously throws her off the rails a little bit, and the repercussions afterward are quite exciting and dramatic. But that song was a particular favorite from this whole season, actually.”

“Longer” is featured on The Music of Nashville Original Soundtrack Season 3, Volume 2, in stores and online this week. Nashville returns for a fourth season on ABC this fall.

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