“Nashville” Recap: “Can’t Let Go”


Nashville returned for a fourth season Wednesday night with the story picking up a month after last season’s cliffhanger. Deacon Claybourne was on the mend from his liver transplant, but his donor and sister, Beverly, was in a coma. She suffered an aneurysm during surgery, but Beverly looked like she was regaining consciousness by the end of the episode.

Beverly’s daughter, Scarlett O’Conner, continued to struggle with feelings for her old love, Gunnar. After kissing Gunnar during a practice session on their new song, “Wake Me Up When It’s Over,” Scarlett rushed back to her doctor boyfriend to tell him she loved him.

Still estranged from her baby and husband, Avery, Juliette Barnes was living life in the Hollywood fast lane as her Patsy Cline biopic became a hit at the box office. The morning after a booze-fueled bender, Juliette hit rock bottom again and called her former business partner, Rayna Jaymes, for help. Rayna had just signed the papers giving Juliette’s recording contract over to Luke Wheeler‘s record label when the call came in, but Juliette quickly hung up.

Later, Rayna flew out to Los Angeles to try to help Juliette, but Juliette gave Rayna a very cold reception when they met up backstage at the Staples Center. Juliette had just gotten offstage after singing a duet of Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” with Steven Tyler, making a cameo appearance as himself.

As for Avery, he decided to move back to Nashville with his daughter, Cadence, after hiding out at his parents’ house in Ohio for awhile.

Will Lexington struggled with depression after coming out as a gay man last season. His country career was on hold, but his boyfriend, Kevin, got Will out of the house for dinner at a nice restaurant. Will and Kevin ended up dancing together at a gay bar, but Will freaked out and left. When Kevin met up with him in the parking lot, Will said he felt like he didn’t belong anywhere.

Nashville airs Wednesday nights at 10 ET on ABC. The songs from this week’s episode are now available at iTunes.

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