“Nashville” Recap: “Fire & Rain”


On Thursday night’s mid-season finale of Nashville on CMT, Maddie Conrad was thrust into the national spotlight after her emotional tribute to her late mother, Rayna Jaymes, on the CMT Awards.

Juliette Barnes was eager to shepherd the career of the young singer professionally known as Maddie Jaymes, and accompanied her on several national TV appearances. But when Maddie’s nervous comments on one talk show made her seem cavalier about her mother’s death, the teen was devastated by the tabloid reaction. She cancelled her next appearance and immediately returned home.

Desperate to keep Highway 65 afloat, Zach Welles pushed Deacon Claybourne to turn in the masters of Rayna’s final recording. As Deacon resisted, he finally admitted he was having trouble recording his parts for the duet album, alongside Rayna’s scratch vocal. In the end, he sifted through Rayna’s mementos of their years together to craft a moving final tribute to the love of his life.

As Deacon, Maddie and Daphne seemed to be emerging from their intense grief over Rayna’s passing, Scarlett O’Connor finally felt like it was okay for her to leave them to go on tour with Gunnar Scott as The Exes. But before she could hit the road with her ex, Scarlett dropped a bomb:  she’s expecting a baby, though she doesn’t know who the father is.

Find out what happens next, when Nashville resumes later this year on CMT.

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