“Nashville” Recap: “Ghost in This House”


On Thursday night’s new episode of Nashville on CMT, Deacon Claybourne resisted the idea of a romantic future after the death of his wife, Rayna Jaymes.

While several women made overtures toward the widower, Deacon himself was shocked to find he enjoyed spending time with singer/songwriter Jessie Caine. As Zach Welles steered him toward signing her to Highway 65, Deacon tried to circumvent any chance for romance by pointing out that the relationship should remain strictly platonic.

Meanwhile, Zach Welles’ future with Will Lexington was called into question as Will discovered Zach’s multiple cellphones, and a previous boyfriend he couldn’t let go of. Though Zach eventually broke things off with his ex, Will remained doubtful about continuing their romance.

Though Scarlett O’Connor was outraged at the reporter who’d revealed Gunnar Scott wasn’t the father of her baby, she was equally distraught over the fans she disappointed by having an affair with Damien George. In the end, Scarlett was able to make peace with both sides by staging a heart-to-heart talk about bullying.

After months of supporting Juliette Barnes after her near-fatal plane crash, Avery Barkley was finally ready to step out on his own. He booked a short tour, explaining to a devastated Juliette that he wasn’t breaking things off, but simply putting himself first for a change — and that she had all the tools she needed to make it in his absence.

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