“Nashville” Recap: How Can I Help You Say Goodbye


On Wednesday’s Nashville, Scarlett O’Conner made the decision to take her mother, Beverly, off life support, which didn’t sit well with Beverly’s brother — Scarlett’s uncle Deacon Claybourne. Scarlett was in the room alone as Beverly died at the end of the episode. Deacon chose to grieve alone in the bedroom he had set up for Beverly to come home to after she got better.

Juliette Barnes continued her hard-partying ways on the road as her husband, Avery Barkley, started divorce proceedings back home in Nashville. Juliette’s tour mate, Luke Wheeler, gave her a cautionary tale about abandoning his wife and kids for life as a country star. It didn’t seem to work, though. Juliette was downing champagne with a friend right after that pep talk.

Will Lexington faced heat from some gay members of the Nashville music community for not doing more with his status as an out country singer. Will’s boyfriend, songwriter Kevin Bicks, backed them up but understood when Will said he needed more time to adjust to being an out gay man.

Mayor Teddy Conrad came clean to his daughters, Maddie and Daphne, about embezzling money from the government. He decided to plead guilty to the charges and will most likely spend several years behind bars.

Nashville returns next Wednesday night on ABC.

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