“Nashville” Recap: “How Does It Feel to Be Free”


It was back to the business of music on Wednesday night’s Nashville, after the long-awaited wedding of Rayna Jaymes and Deacon Claybourne. Deacon discovers a singer/songwriter named Vita that Rayna believes just may be the next big thing. When Rayna realizes how much she’s struggling, she convinces Deacon to give Vita a job at The Beverly. But she runs away before filling out the application, leading Rayna to discover she has a criminal past. The newlyweds decide to take a chance on her anyway.

Avery Barkley begins working with Layla Grant in the studio, as Juliette Barnes remains in treatment for postpartum depression.  Fed up with having to lie about their marriage, Avery finally gives Juliette an ultimatum after she repeatedly refuses to see him:  tell the world the truth about the marriage or he will. Juliette acquiesces.

Luke Wheeler can no longer fill the seats after audiences react negatively to his troubles with the IRS. With Juliette unable to help by returning to their tour, Luke is at a loss– until he convinces his old buddy, Riff Bell, to come out of retirement to go on the road with him.

Will Lexington finally regains the courage to go back on stage after telling the truth about his homosexuality, but he’s immediately knocked down — quite literally — when a heckler throws a beer bottle at him and breaks his noise. Refusing to press charges for a hate crime, Will rises to the occasion and heads back on stage, where he once again faces off with the same bully — this time getting the best of him.

Gunnar Nelson and Scarlett O’Connor continue to dance around the obvious, with a restless Scarlett looking for someone to date. When she reveals that Gunnar’s girlfriend has been seeing other people, he realizes he doesn’t care and breaks off the relationship, seemingly clearing away any obstacles that would keep the star-crossed couple apart.

Vita seems to have had a great first night at The Beverly, until $500 is missing from the till, leaving her as suspect number one, as the episode comes to a close.

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