“Nashville” Recap: “It’s Sure Gonna Hurt”


On Wednesday night’s NashvilleRayna Jaymes and Deacon Claybourne worked to pick up the pieces of their shattered union, but a trip to counseling only left them more dejected, feeling like they were repeating the same pattern over and over.

What seemed like a promising romance for Juliette Barnes and Noah West, played by Derek Hough, ended too soon, with Juliette feeling like something was missing between the two. While her ex Avery Barkley grew unnecessarily concerned about the couple’s daughter spending time with another man, any mention of Juliette left the manipulative Layla Grant feeling suddenly needy. Amid her troubled personal life, Rayna skipped her new artist’s album release party, giving Layla one more thing to pout about.

Luke Wheeler braved the criticism and continued to support gay country artist Will Lexington, even at the peril of his family. He rushed to his son’s bedside when he learned the new soldier had been badly hurt in an argument over the issue. In the end, Colt was okay — and Luke was heartened to learn his son had thrown the first punch in support of his dad.

While Autumn Chase whisked Gunnar Scott away to meet guest star Elton JohnScarlett O’Connor came to the end of her rope, finally admitting she’s in love with Gunnar, just as his budding relationship with Autumn was consummated.

Find out what happens next, as Nashville wraps up its run on ABC next Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET.