“Nashville” Recap: “Leap of Faith”


On Thursday’s new episode of Nashville on CMT, Juliette Barnes’ determination to walk again, coupled with her insistence on not taking her pain medication, threatened to push her relationship with Avery Barkley over the brink.

After a new therapy brought on flashbacks of the deadly plane crash that left her paralyzed, she traveled to the church near the site of the disaster, trying to make sense of her feelings. An angry confrontation with Avery left him wondering if he was really ready to spend his life with the headstrong Juliette, but in the end, the two were reunited in each other’s arms.

As Rayna Jaymes struggled to find the money to make a breakthrough video for the Exes, an answer to her fledgling label’s financial woes appeared. Internet billionaire and avid fan Zack Wells made her an offer that seemed too good to be true, presenting an influx of cash coupled with only minor interference.

At the same time, trouble still seemed to be lurking for Rayna, as a mysterious, multi-page letter arrived at her house, presumably from an obsessive fan or a stalker.

As Will Lexington and Kevin Bicks searched for a place together, Will continued to have doubts about settling down with the first person he’d ever really dated. Kevin decided on an apartment he loved, but when the agent showing the property flirted with Will, it brought Will’s insecurities to the forefront.

Will secretly failed to turn in the application, causing the couple to lose the condo, much to Kevin’s disappointment. When Kevin eventually found out Will had purposely caused them not to get the apartment, he was forced to come clean about his feelings and apprehensions, leading to the end of their relationship.

Find out what happens next, as a new episode of Nashville airs next Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on CMT.

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