“Nashville Recap: “Let’s Put It Back Together”


On Thursday night’s episode of Nashville on CMT, both Maddie Conrad and Avery Barkley struggled with a temperamental viral video sensation who’d come to Music City to make an album.

While Maddie temporarily lost her new internship for mouthing off to the minor diva, she also managed to find a new love interest while making a coffee run. Sparks flew as Maddie met the talented musician busking across the street. Their chance encounters continued, with a promise to see each other again.

Avery butted heads with the YouTube phenom until he’d had enough, eventually storming out and quitting his job as producer of her album. Later, he started to wonder if perhaps his home isn’t in the studio, but on the stage.

Back home, Avery supported Juliette Barnes as she struggled with her paralysis. She finally came face-to-face with Hallie Jordan, the seemingly angelic figure who’d come to her aid just as she regained consciousness from the deadly plane crash. 

After initially overwhelming Hallie with the gift of a much-needed car — which she promptly returned — the two women had another emotional meeting after Juliette began to regain some of the feeling in her legs. Hallie comforted Juliette as she pondered why she had survived when everyone else had perished.

At Highway 65, a new employee seemed a little too interested in Rayna Jaymes, while at home, Rayna was more concerned with the relationship between her daughter Maddie and Deacon Claybourne. She pushed the issue until Maddie gave her dad a tearful apology for lying about him at her emancipation hearing.

The drama continues on next week’s Nashville, which airs at 9 p.m. ET on CMT.

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