“Nashville” Recap: “Love Hurts”


On Thursday night’s new episode of Nashville on CMT, a demanding director pushed Scarlett O’Connor to her limits as The Exes worked on the music video for their new single. Though she managed to persevere through the shoot, Scarlett was furious at Gunnar Scott for revealing details of their relationship to the director during a night out drinking.

Meanwhile, Rayna Jaymes’ new business partner, internet billionaire Zach Welles, offered to help Will Lexington any way he could, which left the newly single Will wondering if Zach was flirting.  

Maddie Conrad was excited about her budding relationship with the talented street musician Clay, even though the challenges of age, race and a mood disorder threatened to derail the potential romance. For advice, she leaned on Juliette Barnes, who was eager to show her the progress she was making in regaining the use of her legs, after the plane crash that left her paralyzed.

When Clay’s run-in with a group of bullies sent him to the emergency room, he decided it was best to end the relationship with Maddie, much to her dismay. In the end, he reconsidered, coming to her doorstep to meet both her dad Deacon Claybourne and her mom, Rayna.  

Though Rayna discovered a new employee had indeed stolen personal items from her desk, a handwriting sample proved he was not the man who’d sent flowers and delivered a troubling letter to her house. As the episode ended, Rayna came face-to-face with danger, as the overzealous fan who’d been stalking her walked into her office.

Find out what happens next, as the latest episode of Nashville airs next Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on CMT.

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