“Nashville” Recap: “Not Ready to Make Nice”


On Thursday’s new episode of Nashville on CMT, an unscrupulous reporter tricked Scarlett O’Connor into revealing that Damien George is the father of her baby. Though Scarlett adamantly denied it, the interviewer suspected the truth and ran with the story.

When Scarlett’s on-again, off-again boyfriend and musical partner, Gunnar Scott, realized the news was out, he was both angry and devastated. Scarlett later revealed to her uncle, Deacon Claybourne, that she’d learned the baby is a girl.

The bonds of sisterly love were tested, as Maddie Jaymes discovered her sister, Daphne Conrad, had played a part in the hateful meme that had caused her so much hurt. Suspecting Daphne’s homeless friend Liv was behind the GIF, Maddie banished her from their home.

As tensions between Maddie and Daphne grew, they each grappled with their intense grief over the sudden death of their mother, Rayna Jaymes. At the same time, the conflict amplified Deacon’s feelings of inadequacy, as he tried to parent without Rayna. In the end, Maddie and Daphne’s grief brought them back together, and Maddie even went so far as to invite Liv to return to live with them — but Liv refused.

Juliette Barnes butted heads with both her protégé, Hallie Jordan, and her producer — and Juliette’s significant other — Avery Barkley. When both Hallie and Avery disagreed with Juliette over a song choice, her classic diva behavior returned, and she started clinging to the unfounded idea there was something romantic going on between Hallie and Avery. Hallie stormed off, after Juliette made an ugly scene in the studio.

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