“Nashville” Recap: “Stand Beside Me”


If you missed Thursday night’s new episode of Nashville on CMT, you missed the most shocking 60 minutes in the show’s five-season history.

Even with a restraining order, Rayna Jaymes’ stalker made bail and returned to haunt her family. In the midst of the increased stress, the country music icon still managed to be there for her daughter Daphne as she got her first period, rescuing her at school and comforting her at home later.

The tension eased between Rayna and Maddie, as the apprehensive mother warmed toward her older daughter’s talented boyfriend Clay. While she stopped short of offering him a record deal on her label, she told him to come by Highway 65 for some advice.

Juliette Barnes continued to fight back from her paralysis after her near-fatal plane crash, focusing on making her gospel album with the choir from Hallie Jordan’s church. Even though Hallie warned her that the African-American choir might not take kindly to a rich white woman telling them how to make music, Juliette persisted — and accidentally showed them the old, obstinate Juliette who’d been such a tabloid favorite. In the end, she returned to apologize and all was well.

Scarlett O’Connor did her best to move past her attraction to video director Damien George, but the chemistry proved too strong. The on-again off-again romance between the musical partners The Exes was officially off, after Scarlett told Gunnar Scott she felt numb to him and wasn’t ready to be with anyone right now. It was a feeling that quickly passed, as a new Scarlett made her way to the director’s hotel and the relationship was consummated.

With tighter security, Rayna felt safe working inside her office at Highway 65 with her detail posted outside. What the label head didn’t realize was that her stalker had hidden in a closet overnight, and was waiting to take her hostage at knifepoint. Rayna seemed to be making progress talking with the troubled man, and managed to call 911. When he realized what she had done, he was enraged and his knife was at the singer’s throat. In a flash of activity, police swept in and saved her.

A sobbing Rayna managed to call her unaware husband from the back of the police car as she headed to safety. Rayna was on the phone with Deacon Claybourne as an oncoming truck smashed into her door, impacting the vehicle exactly where Rayna was sitting.

Find out what happens next, when a new episode of Nashville airs Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on CMT.  

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