“Nashville” Recap: Stop the World (And Let Me Off)


Juliette Barnes was done with drugs and her hard-partying friends, ready to return to her husband and daughter on Wednesday night’s Nashville. But it was too late, as Avery Barkley signed divorce papers, and only became more determined to mail them after Markus Keen fired him as producer of his new Highway 65 album. 

Scarlett O’Connor and her uncle Deacon Claybourne returned home to Mississippi to clean out Beverly’s house, eventually reaching some peace about the decision to end her life support. 

Rayna Jaymes stayed home to work with her artist Layla Grant, while daughter Maddie went on the road with her boyfriend, Luke Wheeler’s son. Layla and Rayna were able to find some common ground, even though Rayna is not thrilled about her relationship with manager Jeff Fordham. What Layla doesn’t know is he’s already agreeing to separate the business from the personal, so he can be CEO of Luke’s new company.

After Juliette invited Maddie onstage for a duet during Luke’s tour, he’s furious, suspecting he’ll take the blame after Rayna forbid the teen from singing professionally, for now. What neither parent knows is that Maddie and Colt made the decision to go all the way.

In the end, Avery and Juliette finally come face to face again, with the distraught husband telling the touring singer he’s filed for divorce and he wants her to terminate her parental rights to their daughter Cadence

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