“Nashville” Recap: “The Night Before (Life Goes On)”


On Thursday’s new episode of Nashville on CMT, Deacon Claybourne continued to battle his grief over the death of Rayna Jaymes, as he played a benefit for one of his late wife’s favorite causes.

As fate would have it, his potential paramour Jessie Caine was also on the bill, giving Deacon the chance to witness her being bullied by her nefarious ex-husband, Brad Maitland.  Ultimately, Deacon and Jessie bonded over their inability to escape the shadows of their previous relationships.

Juliette Barnes struggled to learn new choreography, as she attempted to stage an elaborate concert number for the first time since the plane crash that initially left her paralyzed. At the same time, Avery Barkley left her side to go out on a tour of his own. After his first show, he was surprised to realize road life was perhaps no longer for him, and he’d rather be home with Juliette and their daughter Cadence.

Scarlett O’Connor burst into tears during a disastrous commercial shoot that had the pregnant singer putting together a crib with musical partner and on-again off-again boyfriend Gunnar Scott. On the way home, the two stopped for milk — only to be held at gunpoint by a group of teens. One shoved Scarlett to the ground, endangering the life of her baby.

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