“Nashville” Recap: “The Trouble with the Truth”


On Wednesday night’s Nashville, things got ugly as Rayna Jaymes headed to court to fight her daughter Maddie’s petition to become an emancipated minor. When extensive details of Deacon Claybourne’s violent, alcoholic past came to light, it was clear he’d been betrayed by his AA sponsor and business partner Frankie Gray.

As Juliette Barnes realized Layla Grant now has all the things in life that previously belonged to her, she began to suspect that Layla somehow knew that her late boyfriend Jeff Fordham had died trying to save Juliette. Her Oscar nomination for Shenandoah Girl seemed only a minor comfort, when what she really wanted was to reunite with her ex Avery Barkley and their baby Cadence. Meanwhile, after consummating his new relationship with Layla, Avery became determined to see where it goes. 

While country radio embraced Will Lexington’s new music, a conservative pundit lashed out at Luke Wheeler for promoting the gay country singer now signed to Wheelin’ Dealin’ Records. Though Luke was quick to defend him, in the end Will was left feeling like his label head only made the problem worse.

Scarlett O’Connor and Gunnar Scott awoke in the afterglow of their renewed relationship, late for an important interview with Rolling Stone. When the conversation turned into a review of their past romance, they realized they’re likely better off just being The Exes

Real-life country star Kelsea Ballerini stopped by The Beverly to perform her latest hit, “Peter Pan,” just as Deacon decided to pay Frankie a visit. The building animosity between the two finally boiled over, and though Frankie threw the first punch, he ended up in the hospital — while Deacon ended up in jail. 

An incredulous Rayna couldn’t get past the timing of events to even process her husband’s explanation. Deacon’s latest violent outburst ended up convincing the judge Maddie should be emancipated, leaving a devastated Rayna crying alone in the courtroom. 

The drama of Nashville continues next Wednesday night at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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