Nashville Recap: “Three’s a Crowd”


On Wednesday’s Nashville, things seemed to be going well for Rayna Jaymes as Markus Keen decided to cut one of Deacon Clayborne‘s songs on his first project for her label. But Markus changed some of the lyrics in the studio, and Deacon lost it when Rayna seemed to side with her prodigy. That prompted Deacon to confront the mother of his daughter with his suspicions the rock star was really trying to sleep with her. In the end, Rayna clarified things with Markus to clear the air with Deacon– but Markus’s demeanor left you wondering if Deacon hadn’t been right all along. 

A surprise day off from their tour gave Gunnar Scott and Scarlett O’Connor some unexpected time to spend with their latest love interests. While the break left Gunnar believing he’d finally gotten past his feelings for Scarlett, it left her wondering if her life on the road would end her relationship with her doctor boyfriend Caleb.

Even though Avery Barkley was determined to get back onstage and perform, he was forced to cancel the gig he booked to take a lucrative job playing jingles to make ends meet. Meanwhile, his now-out roommate Will Lexington was conflicted about whether to let anti-gay country legend Wade Cole record his song. After talking to Avery, Will went against his gut and decided to keep working with Cole for the money it could bring him.

Luke Wheeler made multiple attempts to repair the broken trust with his son Colt, but every time, his efforts went south. Just as Luke was prepared to take some extended time off to fix his relationship with the teen, Colt blindsided him by packing his bags to move in with his grandfather.

Catch the winter finale of Nashville next Wednesday night at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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