“Nashville” Recap: “Till the Pain Outwears the Shame”


Scarlett O’Conner‘s world was in a state of upheaval on Wednesday night’s Nashville. Her mother, Beverly, came out of a coma after suffering a brain aneurysm during surgery to donate part of her liver to Scarlett’s uncle, Deacon Claybourne. Just as it looked like Scarlett and Beverly were patching up their often-strained relationship, Beverly flatlined at the end of the episode.

On top of that, Scarlett decided to scale back her tour with ex-boyfriend, Gunnar Scott, so she could spend more time at home with her current doctor boyfriend, Caleb. Gunnar and Caleb had a tense confrontation over Scarlett, and it turns out Caleb isn’t too enthused about his girlfriend pursuing her music career.

After getting advice from a high-powered PR rep, Luke Wheeler decided to drop the recently-outed Will Lexington from his label. He told Will the country community just isn’t ready to accept a gay country singer.

The press started noticing that hard-partying Juliette Barnes hadn’t been seen with her husband, Avery, and their daughter, Cadence, in several weeks. Juliette managed to patch things up with Avery just long enough to have him and their baby in the audience for her album release party in Nashville. After the event, Juliette got a brand-new mobile phone and left Avery without saying goodbye to fly to her next tour stop.

In an effort to save her fledgling Highway 65 record label, Rayna Jaymes took a commercial flight from Los Angeles to New York to stage a signing meeting with a rock star eager to enter the country market. Rayna’s other artist, Layla Grant, played a show at the Bluebird Café in Nashville, but no one from the label was in the audience. Look for Layla to make changes in her record label and management deals soon.

ABC’s Nashville returns next Wednesday night at 10 ET.

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