Nashville Recap: “Unguarded Moments”


With his opening act, Juliette Barnes, in rehab, his intended-CEO Jeff Fordham now dead, and his teenage son upset with him over how he handled the whole matter, Luke Wheeler tried to cope with his ever-changing world on Wednesday night’s Nashville.

Rayna Jaymes feared her daughter Maddie’s surprise appearance onstage with Juliette would have consequences, and it did — Sony offered the teen a record deal, one she knew her mother would never let her accept. While Rayna made progress producing Markus Keen’s record for Highway 65, the long hours took her away from her family and Deacon Claybourne, who was distracted himself, throwing himself into transforming a dying Nashville bar into The Beverly, a tribute to his late sister.

Gunnar Scott’s decision to take his new love interest on the road as his sound engineer backfired, as Erin proved she couldn’t handle it, blowing out the sound system during a show with Scarlett O’Connor. Scarlett and Gunnar, however, were reminded they can depend on each other even when life throws them curveballs, regardless of what may be going on in their love lives.

Avery Barkley grew disenchanted with his gig playing commercial jingles, when he realized his roommate Will Lexington was channeling his heartbreak over his boyfriend Kevin into his songwriting. Avery convinced Will to let him play one of his tunes at the Bluebird, reminding him how much he loves to perform and possibly landing Will a new publishing deal.

Rayna found the solution to her problem with Maddie by offering both of her daughters a recording contract with her label, Highway 65. In the end, the teen still felt like her mother was trying to control her, while a text on Rayna’s phone made Deacon wonder if she hadn’t been getting a little too close to Markus.

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