“Nashville” Recap: “What I Cannot Change”


Wednesday night’s Nashville welcomed the triumphant return of a changed Juliette Barnes, who was anxious to spend more time with her daughter Cadence. But when Avery Barkley remained suspicious, Juliette ended up taking a movie offer that was too good to pass up.

Rayna Jaymes grew increasingly perplexed as potential protegee Vita Martin was nowhere to be found — after the discovery of her burned-out car and her destroyed guitar. Meanwhile, the label head tried to set the stage for success for Layla Grant, reaching out to country radio and trying to land her a spot on a big tour.

After his aborted deal with Wheelin’ Dealin’ Records, Will Lexington worked to get his songs back from Luke Wheeler, so he could cut an independent album. But Luke was too busy to deal with him, as his son Colt insisted on joining the army, in spite of his objections.

The tension between Deacon Claybourne and his AA-sponsor-turned business partner boiled over, as Frankie Gray showed up drunk at The Beverly on the 15th anniversary of his sobriety. He lashed out at Deacon for pushing him aside and taking over his bar. The next morning, Deacon apologized, realizing Frankie was right, even though the slight wasn’t intentional.

In the end, a major rift was healed between Luke Wheeler and his son, as the country icon eventually supported Colt’s decision to enlist. Luke was so inspired by the teen’s courage, he decided to take a chance on Will, re-signing the gay country singer to his label.

A meeting with the detective on Vita’s case made Rayna realize there are dozens of missing girls just like the struggling singer/songwriter– and left her puzzling over what to do. Layla’s hopes were dashed when Autumn Chase decided she wanted The Ex’s — Scarlett O’Conner and Gunnar Scott — to open for her. Layla called Avery crying, though he still has no clue she may see him as more than a producer.

At a news conference announcing her new film, Juliette shocked the world by telling the complete truth about everything — her postpartum depression, her divorce, and how much she misses her baby. She bowed out of the production and headed home, with Avery quickly showing up on her doorstep with Cadence in tow — guaranteeing she’ll be able to spend more time with her baby — and leaving us wondering if perhaps there isn’t a future for Juliette and Avery.

The drama of Nashville continues next Wednesday night at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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