“Nashville” Recap: “When There’s a Fire in Your Heart”


On Wednesday night’s Nashville, a changed Juliette Barnes worked to win back the trust of her longtime manager and surrogate father Glenn Goodman, who was suspicious as to whether the often temperamental, impetuous star could’ve really changed.

Rayna Jaymes was determined to make Layla Grant’s new album a success, even if it meant striking out on tour with the young singer herself, after Autumn Chase rejected her as an opening act in favor of The Exes. As Gunnar Scott and Scarlett O’Connor started the tour with Autumn, they grew increasingly annoyed over the established star’s erratic behavior and her obsession with their romantic past.

Meanwhile, a desperate Layla — still reeling from Autumn’s rejection — went to Luke Wheeler, crying and begging for a spot on his show. Rayna was shocked when she learned her label’s artist had staged such a coup, but by then she liked the idea of getting back on the road herself so much, she decided to continue even without Layla.

With Rayna on the road, daughter Maddie was determined both to grow up and to continue pursuing her solo musical dreams. The underage teen ended up sneaking into a downtown bar to play a writers’ night, which closed with an ugly scene, after dad Deacon Claybourne found out and pulled her offstage after he spotted a guy making advances toward her.

Will Lexington and his ex Kevin Bicks were thrust together suddenly, as the two needed to work on the songs they’d started for Will’s upcoming album. When Will learned Kevin was already seeing somebody new, emotions boiled over, with the two eventually talking through the end of their relationship — and admitting they’d both loved each other.

In the end, Juliette’s sincerity won Glenn over, and the pair was reunited. Things were not so happy for Luke Wheeler, however, who learned his co-headliner Riff Bell had disappeared — just a day before their tour was to start.

Find out what happens next, when the drama of Nashville continues next Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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