“Nashville” recap: “You Can’t Lose Me”


On Thursday’s new episode of Nashville on CMT, Juliette Barnes worked furiously to try to keep her friend Maddie Jaymes from finding out Juliette’s hit, “Water Rising,” had originally been intended for the up-and-coming singer.

When the song’s writer accidentally revealed the secret to Maddie, things exploded, and the teen threw a drink in Juliette’s face. Though Juliette tried multiple times to apologize, Rayna Jaymes’ daughter was having none of it.

Gunnar Scott worried about Scarlett O’Connor and her baby, in the wake of the armed robbery that resulted in his pregnant girlfriend being pushed to the ground. Though he eventually tracked down and confronted the culprit, it did little good. In the meantime, Scarlett lost the baby, though the doctor assured her it had nothing to do with the altercation.

Reeling from her grief, Scarlett once again decided her on-again, off-again relationship with Gunnar should be off again. A devastated Gunnar traveled to Texas to join Avery Barkley’s tour as a diversion.

Meanwhile, Scarlett bonded with singer/songwriter Jessie Caine, who revealed she’d also suffered a miscarriage in the past. In the end, Scarlett determined she’d channel her grief into performing at a benefit for a women’s center, which she’d planned before the loss of her baby.

Though Deacon Claybourne was initially furious at Jessie for letting Scarlett know he’d inadvertently told an almost-total stranger about something so personal, the two made peace at the fundraiser, where they seemed to be fighting a mutual attraction and a growing closeness. Jessie told Deacon she wouldn’t sign with Highway 65 even if he wanted her to, in an effort to not mix personal issues with her career.

Find out what happens next on Nashville, Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on CMT.  

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