New Parents Thompson Square Survive the “Sleep-Deprived-Almost-Killing-Each-Other-Phase” to Release New Single

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Four months after Thompson Square welcomed their first little one, the husband-and-wife duo is back with new music. “You Make It Look So Good” also serves as the soundtrack for a new home movie featuring their pride and joy, Rigney Cooper Thompson.

Keifer and Shawna admit they weren’t immune to many of the fears most first-time parents experience.

 “It was the scariest thing we have ever experienced during the first three weeks,” the couple tells People. “We were like ‘I can’t believe that they let us take him home. We have no idea what we’re doing.’ After the sleep-deprived-almost-killing-each-other phase was over and we realized that he was probably going to be OK and it wasn’t an impossible feat, we started enjoying our new life.”

Part of that new life will be taking Cooper along on the road, with the help of a long-time friend, who’s recently become the Thompsons’ nanny.

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