No Cameras, No Microphones: Brett Young Plans an Epic #1 Party for “Sleep Without You”


As Brett Young celebrates his first number one with his debut single, “Sleep Without You,” he admits the reality of it is just starting to set in for him.

“It is such a crazy idea that maybe something that I wrote or something that I put on a record would affect people at all,” the newcomer says, “but it was also the goal from the beginning, so there’s this strange reconciliation between what you thought might’ve been a pipe dream all along and the fact that it’s starting to happen.”

The California native says one of the most exciting parts of his first chart-topper is that it happened with a song he co-wrote.

“When it’s your words and then you watch it connect with an audience as the artist, I kinda reflect back on the writing process and why those words were important to me. And to watch people sing it back, I mean that kinda means everything because that’s the whole point for me — performance and songwriting — is to connect with people. So it’s really, really special.”

Brett predicts the party to mark the occasion will be epic.

“The celebration for a number one with ‘Sleep Without You’ would probably be something that we didn’t allow cameras or microphones to!” he jokes.

Brett’s self-titled debut album will be released February 10. His second single will be the track “In Case You Didn’t Know.”

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